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If you're looking to grow and scale your coaching or consulting business, we can help you achieve those goals by providing you with the tools and support you need to succeed.


Consistent and scalable growth requires setting the right foundations. With a strategy, processes and the right systems in place, you can have impactful and measurable transformations leading to sustainable business growth.

"The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step."

The Growth Accelerator: 10 Part Email Mini-Course
Ideal for coaches, consultants, and industry experts, this email Mini-Course delivers a practical plan and hands-on exercises for tangible business growth. Each of the 10 daily lessons empowers you with actionable steps for your business transformation, all delivered directly to your inbox.

Begin your path to growth and transformation today.

Why Work with Us?

• We know what really matters. We build relationships, we provide value and we help YOU grow YOUR business.

• Plus, we have over 25 of years of entrepreneurial expertise to help you get to where you want to be and get there faster. We are knowledgeable and experienced in business.

• And, we are a full-service, one-stop shop. That means everything you need to make sure you’ve got all the pieces you need to grow quickly and attract more customers. Our complete growth system leverages software automation so it works for you 24/7.

• Continuous learning is one of our core values so we enjoy making complex concepts easily understandable and guiding you toward success.

• You will have the skillset of a team without having to hire various employees and help you offload tasks while streamlining your business to give you more time to focus on your genius zone.

25 Things Every Business Should Automate
In this free guide, you’ll learn 25 things every business should —and can— automate for sustained growth and success.

Here's how Five Milestones can help you:

Our mission is to provide coaches, consultants and professionals with the tools, resources, and knowledge necessary to help them succeed in scaling their businesses. Whether it’s through educational materials or consulting services, we are here to help you take your business to the next level.

Strategic Business Consulting

Our on-demand consulting services are tailored to your specific needs. We begin with a thorough examination of your systems and processes, identifying opportunities for improvement, updates, and optimization to help you grow your business.

Done-for-you Tech

We offer full software set up & using the right business systems for coaches, consultants, and experts. With the right systems in place, you can be more efficient and profitable and be able to turn their “job” into a business.

Reliable & Result-Oriented Support

We provide customized training and programs for you and your team for the transformation and advancement of your business growth.
We also provide ongoing reliable and result-oriented support.

We've helped hundreds of businesses achieve their goals

What Our Clients Say

I recently worked with Sheila at Five Milestones, and was thoroughly impressed with her expertise and professionalism.

She took the time to thoroughly analyze and identify areas where technology could be implemented to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

She provided excellent communication and support, ensuring that everything was executed smoothly and according to plan.

Jean Dwyer, PA

Highly recommend Sheila at Five Milestones LLC for her expertise in both business consultation and digital marketing strategy. She provided valuable insights and recommendations that helped improve the overall performance of my business.

Her knowledge and ability to understand my specific needs was impressive. Sheila also helped me develop a comprehensive digital marketing plan that has led to an increase in website traffic and sales. I would definitely work with her again and highly recommend Sheila to any business looking to improve their performance.


I just started an LLC and needed some help with wading through the government red tape for my business.

Sheila was SUPER helpful, knowledgeable, patient, and friendly. I would highly recommend her.

She's also honest about what she knows she can help you with and what she might not be able to help with.

Robert Boulais

I have received knowledgable and caring response and guidance from Five Milestones - They are willing to go above and beyond to understand and satisfy the customer's needs. Thanks!!

Dan Holloway

Five Milestones LLC


Sheila Slick, MS, President of Five Milestones LLC, brings over 25 years of experience in business. Throughout her career she has consistently demonstrated her ability to empower individuals and organizations, making complex concepts easily understandable, and guiding them toward success. She holds a Master of Science degree in Leadership from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide, and a Bachelor of Science in Business from Florida State University.

Sheila is a Keap Certified Partner, Certified Entrepreneurial Facilitator and an engaged community leader, serving as Chairman of the Board for SCORE Volusia Flagler, where she actively contributes to the vibrant growth of the local business community.

At Five Milestones, the special touch lies in our personalized approach – we not only handle the technical aspects but also focus on strategic business consulting, ensuring our clients are well-positioned for success in today's dynamic market.

Our company is dedicated to making a positive impact in our community by investing in education and economic empowerment. Our business goes beyond just doing business and creates opportunities for positive change.

Sheila Slick, MS

President Five Milestones LLC | Business Strategy Consultant