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Glenn Daniels II, founder of Touch Stone Publishers Ltd. is an Experiential Keynote Speaker & Engaging Content Creator for Senior Level Leaders Empowering Leadership Excellence for Organization.

Discover the driving force behind Touch Stone Publishers Ltd. Their mission is to be the catalyst for leadership growth and excellence. Learn about their values, vision, and the dedicated team that makes Touch Stone Publishers Ltd a trusted resource in the realm of leadership development.


Key Takeaways:

Unleashing Leadership Excellence: A Conversation with Sheila Slick

Embarking on the journey of leadership is an intricate expedition, and each leader’s narrative is as unique as the individual themselves. With a career spanning over 25 years, Sheila has been a guiding force in empowering organizations and spearheading community initiatives.

Sheila Slick: A Beacon of Leadership Excellence

Sheila’s journey epitomizes leadership excellence, marked by a wealth of knowledge and a reservoir of experiences in both business and leadership domains. As an entrepreneurial facilitator and the host of “Milestone Moments in Business and Leadership,” Sheila shares invaluable advice, strategies, and inspiring stories, serving as a beacon for aspiring leaders.

In Conversation with Sheila Slick

In this dialogue, Sheila delved into the unique aspects of Five Milestones, LLC, attributing its success to her potent blend of education and hands-on business acumen.

She also shed light on Score Volusia Flagler, a national nonprofit platform boasting over 11,000 mentors. As a Small Business Administration (SBA) partner, Score provides free business consulting and online resources, offering a valuable lifeline for those seeking assistance in finance, marketing, or mentorship.

Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset

A central theme of our conversation was the significance of cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset. Sheila advocated for the ELI initiative based on the principles outlined in the Ice House book. Embracing concepts like turning problems into opportunities, continuous education, and community building, she asserted that these principles are pivotal in the journey to success.

Communities and Servant Leadership

Delving into leadership styles, Sheila shared insights from her master’s in Leadership journey, identifying herself as a Servant Leader. Prioritizing service to others and considering their needs in decision-making, she emphasized that this approach fosters unbiased, critical decisions contributing to individual and organizational growth—a philosophy resonating with fellow CEOs.

The Art of Self-Awareness

Sheila underscored the importance of self-awareness, both personally and in business. Understanding one’s values and recognizing how they may evolve over time emerged as a critical aspect of self-awareness, whether it involves family, education, or community engagement.

Reflecting on the direction of her podcast, “Milestone Moments in Business and Leadership,” Sheila expressed her goal of inspiring action. Tailored not just for CEOs but for anyone seeking motivational stories and practical advice, the podcast serves as a wellspring of tips encouraging listeners to make a positive impact in their lives and businesses.

Concluding Insights

Leadership is a journey of personal growth, new horizons, and profound insights. Reliability is a key factor that opens doors to opportunities. Integrating reliability with core values,  paves the way for unlocking new possibilities.

Conversations with leaders like her offer invaluable life lessons, reminding us that with diligence, discipline, and reliability, navigating the path to leadership success is not just possible but can be accomplished with grace.

Join the transformative dialogue with Glenn Daniels on “Essential Leadership Skill the Podcast!” and discover the keys to unlocking your leadership potential.