Grow Your Business and Grow Your Wealth with Gary Heldt

The Grow Your Business and Grow Your Wealth podcast features some of the brightest and most successful minds today discussing tactics for growing your business. I was fortunate enough to be a guest on the show, and the experience was both exciting and enriching. Mr. Heldt is passionate about what he does!

Join Gary Heldt as he explores the dynamic entrepreneurial journey of Sheila Slick, a fourth-generation entrepreneur with a diverse background in manufacturing and technology. From her beginnings in a family business in Miami to her adventures in Nicaragua and the tech world, Sheila shares invaluable insights into adaptability, seizing opportunities, and the importance of continuous learning in business success.

Key Takeaways:

💼 Seizing Opportunities: Sheila’s journey underlines the importance of adaptability and recognizing opportunities in entrepreneurship.

🚀 Tech and Education: Sheila discusses her transition into tech, highlighting the potential of educational mobile apps and her involvement in a NASA hackathon.

🌱 Continuous Learning: Emphasis on the necessity of continuous learning and adaptability in the face of constant change.

📈 Business Growth Strategies: Insights into effective leadership, documenting goals, and the importance of measurement and documentation for growth.

How to Reach Sheila Slick
LinkedIn: Sheila Slick