NASA Space Apps Challenge (2014)


The International Space Apps Challenge is a two-day hackathon where teams of technologists, scientists, designers, artists, educators, entrepreneurs, developers and students across the globe collaborate and engage with publicly available data to design innovative solutions for global challenges.

After receiving an Honorable Global Mention Award in 2013, our iSpotIt! project was selected and became one of the challenges in the HUMAN SPACE FLIGHT Category #spaceflight for the 2014 NASA Space Apps Challenge:

These challenges are designed to serve as an inspiration for your work and as a platform for the global community to work together. For that reason, we encourage you to join with others around the world during the event to create a collaborative solution“.

This international community app was created in Managua, Nicaragua with collaboration from Hartford, CT and was submitted for the Earth Virtual location because our original location in Managua, Nicaragua was cancelled last minute due to 6+ M seismic events! Earthquakes and all – WE did IT! <<< Ad astra! >>>

<<< Watch, Track and Share ISS passings with iSpot it! iPhone/iPad App. >>> iSpot it! features a built in map with the current ISS location, a compass to detect the directions of the passing, GPS functionality to track your location and share sightings via social media and offers direct communication with the astronauts via twitter! Includes links to Mission Control to receive alerts & detect future sightings, the ISS live cam, and social media. Inspired by & made for earthlings 7+ yrs of age! 

This project is solving the iSpot It! challenge.

Download iSpot It! now to enjoy these and many more functions that make this the most complete ISS social media app to date!App

Launch >> “iSpot it!” opens to a real time map that shows the current location of the International Space Station (ISS). 

Share ISS sightings >> Provides a fun and easy way to report and share sightings with just one click. This feature enables a pop-up screen that asks you whether you have spotted the ISS. Each choice (Yes; No, it was cloudy; No, trees blocked view; No, too sunny’ No, it was for other reason) provides a customized report with different images to share on social media.Send Tweet to Astronauts >> Send messages from Earth via twitter with a single click. 

Mission Control >> This section provides direct links to sign up to receive alerts of future ISS sightings and sighting location lookup to search sighting opportunities for over 7,600 locations worldwide. To promote education of the ISS, it also includes direct links to videos describing the ISS and its importance, an inside tour of the ISS hosted by an astronaut that shows you the many parts of the station, and the NASA page that lists the different experiments conducted in the ISS.

Compass >> When you sign up for NASA’s alerts you receive emails or SMS messages with the direction that the ISS will be approaching. This built in compass is the perfect gadget for tracking the direction that the ISS will be coming from. 

Live Cam >> Watch the amazing views live from the ISS US stream channel.

Social >> This page has many features; these include connecting to the ISS Research Facebook page, talk to the Astronauts from Twitter and look at the iSpotit! Blog. The different accounts have come from the NASA webpage. There is also a forum, where there are many different chats, where anyone can participate. 

License: MIT license (MIT)

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