Night Shift y Notas: Lo mejor de la actualización del iPhone (iOS9.3)

Business Administration/Leadership honors graduate and bilingual/multicultural professional. Adept with extensive global experience in working on multinational projects with high-level stakeholders to promote international business development. Recognized for ability to educate, mentor, and motivate adults and students in business and leadership concepts through technology and innovative approaches to develop public interest in STEM-related industries. Selected by the U.S. State Department as one of two personnel to represent Nicaragua in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2018 held in Hyderabad, India. Proficient in Digital Publishing and Coding skills (iBooks, iOS app development, Objective C and XCode), Web design (WordPress), HTML, Python as well as Canvas Learning Management Platform, Mac OS, Quickbooks, and various software and cloud services.

Motivated, influenced and developed public interest and understanding of STEM education through publications, organization and participation of event‐driven media relations, fundraising activities, workshops and innovative community events like StartUp Weekend, NASA Space Apps Challenge, amongst others. Provided content development and co-anchored TEKNICAS, a TV segment presenting the latest trends in technology for Evas Urbanas on Channel 14 VOS TV in Managua, Nicaragua. 

Supported public diplomacy as a delegate of Nicaragua’s Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, PRONicaragua, in international summits held in Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala and Nicaragua to promote and stimulate internationalization of IT services. Attended bi‐annual meetings with the representatives in the public and private communications sector to address issues and solutions to complex challenges, including public policy development. Served as ambassador to LATAM Entrepreneurship supporting economic empowerment and civil society development. Selected by the US State Department, as one of two delegates, to represent Nicaragua in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2018 held in India.