Our story began in 2018 while living abroad in Nicaragua when our family decided to make a drastic change, a decision that would definitely shape the future of our lives. This change was unplanned. It was a result of a government that turned oppressive in April 2018, and to this day continues to violate basic human rights. With this major life change, we left behind our extended family, friends, school, home; our lives as we knew it. The decision to leave and start a new life was a difficult one. Although familiarity was more comforting than the uncertainty of what would happen, we decided to embrace change. That gave us the necessary courage to face the fear of uncertainty and realized that it could instead provide us an opportunity to live our best lives. We learned that it’s not what happens in life, it’s how you react that shapes you. 

My daughter and I began to set some goals to focus on the positive aspects this change could bring. Paulina wanted to graduate high school with honors so she could apply for college scholarships and study Business Administration. I had always aspired to earn a Master’s degree, so we each began by focusing on our education and future vision. Two years later, we both managed to reach our educational goals, one milestone at a time. We both graduated in 2020 and then the pandemic hit. This affected our jobs and lives, as it has to millions of people around the world. Once again, we found themselves dealing with an unexpected change. The difference was that they felt better prepared this time around to handle it. I had spent two years learning and practicing how to positively deal with change rather than resisting it, both at the organizational and personal level.

I took this time to reflect, revisit my core values, and find my purpose utilizing the skills obtained from the Master of Science in Leadership degree. I learned that having a purpose is compelling because it gives our lives meaning and that visualizing our ideal and future self allows us to think big and dream of the possibilities that we have in front of us. It provides optimism, opportunity, and hope. 

I channeled my creative energy by creating jewelry, a skill my mother and grandmother taught me while working together during my time in Nicaragua. That combined with my technical skills and entrepreneurial spirit led me and Paulina, currently studying Business Administration, to start Five Milestones LLC. Our mission is to evoke personal optimism and hope in order to increase self-esteem, psychological well-being, and personal growth by designing and creating jewelry that serves as a daily reminder of positive personal change initiatives. 

Each creation is more than a piece of jewelry, it inspires you to achieve your potential, goals and celebrate your successes – one milestone at a time.

Five Milestones also aims to help women develop their potential by providing leadership exercises and activities on their website and newsletters, as well as printed materials delivered with each purchase. We are also in the process of building an online community to bring together women seeking personal growth and development or overcome resistance to change that want to share their journey.

Five Milestones strives to give back to our local community and abroad by donating a percent of our net proceeds to organizations that support causes for women that are looking for new beginnings, a second chance, and a brighter future. We are currently looking for organizations that will help us make a difference. 

Stand together with us as we continue on our journey to empower women by evoking optimism, opportunity, and hope one milestone at a time.